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The world is full of fascinating attractions, destinations and sights. These include individual monuments and buildings as well as parks, natural attractions, landscapes and even entire urban areas. Unique sights magically attract guests from all over the world. Magnificent buildings from old times still amaze visitors today. But also modern architecture such as endless long bridges and artistic buildings are a popular motif that one would like to capture on vacation.

Find all interesting places of a city on the map. Visit historic old towns, historical museums, a walk in the park or a romantic dinner by the water.

On the website places of interest you can find the most popular sights at a glance. Open the locations directly via your cell phone. With a click on "Open in Google Maps", the location opens on your smartphone and you can navigate directly. So you can better plan your vacation. A day trip to visit all the sights one after the other or simply find places of interest directly in your area.

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